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Student Spotlight: David Todd

Student Spotlight: David Todd

David Todd

“Every human has four endowments: self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom… The power to choose, to respond, to change.” — Stephen Covey


David Todd, a graphic and web designer since the mid-1990s, knew it was time for a change. Although he had long held a fascination for criminal justice, David’s family encouraged him to pursue a career in the creative design field— something he has done so successfully for several decades.


After climbing the corporate ladder, David wanted to combine his creativity, passion for forensic science and attention to detail in a new way. Recently, David completed the National Investigative Training Academy (NITA)’s Georgia Basic Training Course for Private Investigators and was kind enough to speak to us about his experiences with the course:


There aren’t too many Private Investigators with your creative background. What was your motivation for changing the course of your career?


“I have always had an interest in photography and video. I’ve found the creative aspect to be truly rewarding, but don’t enjoy sitting behind a desk all day. I wanted to apply my creativity, experience, insight about trading and corporate politics, and research skills in a meaningful way. An investigative program seemed to be a logical stepping stone.”


What excites you most about the field of private investigations?


“The exciting part for me is uncovering things that are being hid. I like determining who is doing what and why they are doing it. I enjoy the adrenaline rush of uncovering something that someone doesn’t want you to find.


Surveillance is a big part of any type of investigation, but many people think the field is limited to adultery investigations. The truth is there are many opportunities and career paths in the field, such as legal matters and insurance fraud.”


How did you find NITA’s program?

“I came across after initiating a search for Private Investigative schools in the state of Georgia. I was impressed with NITA’s course offerings and the professionalism of its faculty. All of my research led me to believe this was a quality program.”


Congratulations on your successful course completion! Now that you have finished, would you recommend NITA’s program to others? 

“I would not hesitate to recommend NITA’s online training program to others who are interested in pursuing a career as a Private Investigator. The material was presented clearly and with great detail. It was helpful to learn the reasons for various laws and why things happen the way they do. The course itself was easy to navigate and the entire user experience was enjoyable. I especially appreciated the fact that there weren’t any surprises along the way.”


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