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What Is A Due Diligence Investigation?

Due diligence investigations can have a different meaning among different industries and organizations. In private investigation, due diligence is used to analyze the character, integrity and reputation of an individual or a business. Different types of information is often uncovered, including cases of harassment, fraud, past criminal trouble, or regulatory issues.

With individuals, due diligence can uncover:

  • Work history, including affiliations and board memberships

  • History of, and details regarding, civil litigation and criminal case history

  • Driving history

  • Any listings on sex offender registries

  • Credit history (with consent)

Corporate due diligence is of a slightly different nature. They’re often performed prior to a business entering into a merger or acquisition with another organization. These cases can be requested by the entire spectrum of companies: small- to medium-sized businesses, large corporations, private equity firms, or other types of investments.

With companies, due diligence can determine:

  • Licenses and government compliance checks

  • Financial history, including assets, bankruptcies, tax court cases and liens

  • Corporate affiliations

  • Political contributions

Learning these details can be important for a business or investor to make an informed decision when entering into a merger or acquisition. Ideally, due diligence would help mitigate risk; an investigation would unearth any surprises prior to reaching a formal agreement or entering into a contract, when it may be too late to back out.

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