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Why Continuing Education is Important for Your Security Job in Georgia

At the National Investigative Training Academy, Inc., (NITA), our mission is to provide students with the necessary resources to develop their skills into a successful and rewarding career within the security industries. Many current and veteran security professionals have asked us whether continuing education is mandatory to retain licensure. While that answer varies from one state to the next, in this blog, we’ll consider what’s compulsory in Georgia. 

Continuing Education is Necessary for Georgia Professionals

A career in security is rewarding with the ability to be your own boss and use your skills to make a living. In Georgia, these are highly sought-after professions for retired police officers, former soldiers, and those who worked with the federal government. 

For Security Professionals who need to renew their licenses, continuing education (CE) classes are necessary. Renewing licenses must be done every two years. In Georgia, Security Professionals must obtain 8 hours of CE classes to renew licensure. 

Why Are Continuing Education Classes Necessary to Be in the Security Industry?

Even if Georgia did not require continuing education classes to maintain licensure, they are extremely valuable for a variety of reasons. The primary reasons for continued education classes include: 

Technology is ever-changing

Technology is ever-evolving. Security Professionals must know how to use sophisticated electronics to fulfill job requirements adeptly. As technology advances throughout the years, the threats exposed due to technology have increased as well. Deep security knowledge is increasingly in demand, so knowledge of social platforms and how most users engage them is crucial. NITA’s continuing education course, Effective Communication, is especially helpful for learning communication tools. 

We are living in a digital world

Even the most accomplished Security Professionals understand the importance of staying well-informed of the latest trends and developments. Since the novel coronavirus disrupted much of everyday life, more people communicate digitally than ever before. NITA’s continuing education course, Effective Communication, can benefit Security Professionals who need to update their digital communication skills. 

This is a highly competitive field

NITA’s continuing education courses provide an unparalleled opportunity for students to hone their skills and maintain a competitive edge in the highly competitive fields of security. Students can complete a variety of continuing education courses that include Crowd Control Training, Bomb Threat Awareness, and more from the comfort of home. Employers and clients want to hire the most qualified contender for the job, and continuing education courses offer that competitive edge to your advantage. 

Advance Your Career with Continuing Education Courses Online

The National Investigative Training Academy, Inc., (NITA), offers comprehensive continuing education courses for students for Security Professionals that are state-approved in Georgia. Enroll online whenever you choose and begin advancing your knowledge and expertise immediately. Explore additional continuing education courses for security and private investigator training online today or contact us by calling 1-800-730-NITA (6482). 

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