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5 Apps for Private Investigators

5 Apps for Private Investigators

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5 Apps for Private Investigators

In today’s technological world, it is almost guaranteed that there is an app for everything. From games to dating to photo editing applications, we have the world at our fingertips as soon as we unlock our phones. In addition to personal use, apps have professional applications as well. Our team at the National Investigative Training Academy, Inc. (NITA) has compiled a list of our top five favorite apps for Private Investigators:



Vault is an excellent app for those who want to ensure any confidential investigative material is protected. This app enables the user to lock data on his or her phone such as pictures and call logs. PIs need to be sure the information they obtain is safeguarded and this app ensures optimal protection. The app can even take a picture of an “intruder” in the event that someone attempts to break into your phone.


Ultimate Public Records

This app is a must for a PI seeking to obtain relevant information on a person. Using the app, users are able to search personal information listed as public record, all with the click of a button. Especially practical when first obtaining information on a new subject, this app can be used as a convenient alternative to laptop or desktop record searches.



This free social navigation app allows the user to navigate quickly and efficiently to his or her destination. Leveraging user-reported data, the app also notifies drivers of traffic congestion, weather issues, construction roadblocks and even speed traps.


Hidden Camera Detector App

The Hidden Camera Detector app is ideal for Private Investigators who must be alert of their surroundings. The app scans and notifies users of hidden cameras in close proximity, providing investigators added security during investigations.


GPS Phone Tracker Pro

Knowing your current location, destination, and all that stands in between is vital for any Private Investigator. The GPS Phone Tracker allows you to maintain all three. It even has a feature to help locate your phone in the event you may misplace it, minimizing the risk involved with losing vital information stored on your cellphone.

Although nothing beats old-fashioned detective work, our society has become so technologically progressive that it is now imperative to leverage technology to adapt to new conditions. Utilizing cutting-edge apps is an effective way of staying ahead in the field of private investigations.


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