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5 Questions You Have to Ask Before Hiring a Private Investigator

In Hollywood, Private Investigators don trench coats and sip scotch while they contemplate the latest case. That image is what many of us think of when thinking about a Private Investigator; however, that common stereotype is rarely true in real life. If you want to hire a quality investigator, you need to make sure that he or she is ethical, dedicated, and able to take on your case successfully.

What Should You Ask Before Finding a Private Investigator?

Before you choose just anyone, make sure that you ask the following five questions.

1. Who Takes Care of My Case?

Most professional firms have more than one employee. They often use multiple investigators with different licenses, talents, and backgrounds. Most likely, someone other than the head investigator will handle most of the legwork. While this is generally not a problem, you should make sure you know who will handle your case before you hire a Private Investigator.

2. Do You Operate in Legal Gray Areas?

There are legal and illegal ways to obtain information. Between these two options, some techniques exist in a gray area. If you are trying to build a case, you may lose credibility if the Private Investigator uses questionable practices. Make sure that you are clear about the types of methods they will use before you hire anyone.

3. Do You Have a License?

Private Investigators are required to file a state license before they can get clients. These rules vary based on the state, but most areas have specific training and experience requirements. Ask the Private Investigator for his or her license number. If your investigator is credible, this number should appear on the investigator’s, certificate, and business cards.

4. What Is Your Background?

If you need help with a divorce, you will look for different skills in an investigator than someone who needs help with a murder case. Seek information about the investigator’s background and any agencies he or she has worked with in the past. Investigators who have worked in law enforcement should be retired rather than people who were fired from their positions. You also want to see if the investigator’s background and skills match up with the type of work you need completed.

5. How Long Have You Been in Business?

It’s critical to find out how long a Private Investigator has been practicing. While everyone has to start a career at some point, extra experience generally means that the person is better at his or her job. You want exceptional results, so you need an investigator who has a proven track record of successfully working on cases.

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