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9 Characteristics Needed to be a Security Officer

Security guards play an essential role that often goes unnoticed by the public. Yet, stores, sports events, concerts, and restaurants all rely on these dedicated individuals. They help to prevent robberies, break-ins, and other activities that would put honest patrons in jeopardy. It’s also a great career path that can lead to a high salary and benefits. If you’re considering becoming a security officer, here are some of the most important qualities you should possess.

What Characteristics Should a Security Officer Possess?


Security officers must be ready to handle any situation that comes their way. This means having the skill and knowledge always to act in a variety of circumstances. It is also helpful to have the proper outfit and tools beforehand. If you’re organized and always ready for any situation, you might be perfect for this job.


Individuals working security need to be able to trust and be trusted. Guards are given a position of authority in places such as restaurants and bars and are entrusted to make sound decisions. Security officers must have a strong sense of integrity to succeed in this field.

Quick Reflexes

A majority of a security guard’s shift will be relatively calm and quiet. The constant standing around can lull many people into a false sense of security. Security officers need to have quick reflexes as a problem can arise quickly and out of the blue. A quick response is necessary to keep people and places safe.


Being a security guard isn’t just about strength and toughness. This role requires a lot of critical thinking and reasoning. Security guards must be able to rationally analyze circumstances around them to determine when a threat arises and the appropriate course of action.

Leader and Team Player

Although security guards are often seen alone, they typically work as a team to prevent dangerous situations. Together, the group ensures the parameter of their store or restaurant is safe and secure. It is crucial that security officers understand when to give orders and when to listen to somebody else.

Great Communication Skills

Security officers must be able to communicate clearly and effectively. They must discuss strategies and possible scenarios with their teammates and supervisors. Furthermore, security personnel must be able to communicate respectfully and strongly with patrons who may pose a threat.

Value and Respect for Life

Force should always be the last resort when it comes to securing an area. It is critical that security guards have a deep respect and value for life. Despite their outer shell of seriousness, security professionals should be understanding and patient. Having a hothead working security is a recipe for disaster.

Strength and Fitness

Security guards must be at a high level of intensity and fitness to perform their jobs correctly. There are times when guards will have to handle multiple people at one time. It is also not uncommon for security to deal with people who are intoxicated.

Professional Security Education and Training

Working as a security guard is no easy task. There is much more to the position than meets the eye. However, there are many programs, online and in-person that will get you licensed and on your way to new work.

You’ll get the training you need, real-life advice from teachers, tips on how to start working in this field and even desirable job opportunities. The National Investigative Training Academy, Inc. (NITA) offers affordable and licensed security training courses for those interested in pursuing a career in security or furthering their knowledge in this exciting field. Enroll now to get started on a fulfilling new career today. Contact us by calling 1-800-730-NITA (6482) for a free consultation.

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