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What are the Physical Requirements to be a Security Guard?

Being a security guard is a noble profession. The goal is to keep people safe and protect their assets and interests. For those who take up the business, the requirements may be a little unclear and often vary. Each company has specific requirements for their employees. Security guards generally need at least a high school diploma or GED to be considered for employment. In addition to finishing some educational courses, a security guard is expected to be physically fit for the job and possess some other vital qualities.

The Physical Requirements

As of right now, there are no states in the US that require a fitness test to become a security guard. There’s no one standard. Many companies do a physical screening to ensure that the prospects can perform the job that they’re planning to do. So, to receive specific information, you should look up the expectations and requirements for the places you’d like to work. You may also want to call and see if they can tell you what a typical shift is like, so you know how much physical fitness the job requires.

At the end of the day, if something does occur, you want to be sure that you can react appropriately and not be tripped up by something like low endurance or minimal strength. It also stands to reason that the more fit you are, the better job opportunities you’ll have.

For example, if you’re physically fit, you’ll likely make more money and have a more fulfilling career as a personal bodyguard, or a guard in a government building than someone physically inferior. On the other hand, if you’re not as physically adept, you may still find employment but it is likely to be for less physically demanding positions like working in loss prevention in a retail store.

Exercises to Help

You might want to learn a new sport or be able to lift a certain amount of weight to better yourself and advance your career. There are plenty of options for group classes, or one-on-one sessions with personal trainers that can help you get in the shape you want for work.

To start your fitness plan, you should start slowly. Set an attainable goal for yourself. Be organized, eat well, and dedicate some time to your physical well-being. It’s not only good for your job. It’s good for your overall health.

While ideal physical characteristics can make you a good security guard, receiving a license from a reputable security training academy can make you a great security guard that employers want to hire. Whether you are looking to start or improve upon your career, enrolling in state approved online courses can help you step up your game. To learn more, contact the National Investigative Training Academy today for a free consultation.

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