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Top Apps of 2019 for Private Investigators

With the rising popularity of smartphones, many people treat this technology as a part of their everyday lives. This is a reality for many Private Investigators who view smartphone use as a way to make their work easier and more convenient.

The use of these phones has changed the way we obtain information. We no longer need to log onto our computers to print directions from online mapping software. We aren’t limited to only being able to take calls on our phones. With a simple swipe of our fingers, we can access all the information we need to assist an investigation. Private Investigators are quickly learning and adapting to this new technology and the useful apps available to help with their investigations.

Below are the top apps many Private Investigators use rely upon while doing their important work. These apps offer a wide variety of support services that not only make getting information more straightforward but save you valuable time.


Evernote is a dynamic application that allows the user to take notes in different formats, but also to save content found online. Additionally, the app offers an automatic syncing feature between the users’ favorite smart devices like tablets, laptops, desktops, and smartphones. Scanning, digitizing, and organizing of documents with the use of one platform is another bonus of this program. The convenience of being able to access its features from virtually anywhere makes this an ideal digital notepad and simplified online research tool for Private Investigators.


Last-minute background checks are routine for many Private Investigators. This frequently occurs when working out in the field and IRBmobile was designed to make these types of searches more easily accessible. Because it allows users to run searches from their smartphones, one doesn’t get stuck having to go to the office to use a desktop to conduct the check. There are some limitations as to who can use this application because of the sensitive material being shared. IRB only allows Private Investigators to use their program and must approve users before using their services. Despite this limitation, IRB has grown in popularity quickly, and when trying to decide on apps to enhance one’s investigative resources, this should be at the top of the list.


Encryption and privacy are critical security features that many Private Investigators should have in mind when storing sensitive photos and videos on their phones. Vault provides high-level security for confidential media. First, Vault encrypts and stores files on your phone’s SD card, not in the usual photo album feature on your phone. You can only access these photos by entering a programmed touch ID or personal password. If someone attempts to access this application and doesn’t have the credentials, the software will immediately take a photo of the person attempting to gain access.


Burner is an app that acts as a secondary phone within your smartphone. You create temporary phone numbers which can be used to contact you without having to give out your number directly. This is also an excellent way for investigators to conduct phone calls to those that aren’t expecting to hear from them. Burner integrates with numerous other popular apps such as:

  • Google
  • Slack
  • Evernote
  • Dropbox

Integrated features include uploading multiple file formats to Dropbox or Google Drive with a simple button touch, or forwarding text messages through Evernote. Private Investigators everywhere are enjoying the convenience of data sharing brought by this app.


Waze is a community-based traffic and navigation app which helps many Private Investigators get around the cities they are working in. The app is interesting because it uses information shared by other drivers in the area one is driving. This means one learns about traffic jams, speed traps, construction delays, or even low gas prices in real-time. Because it is working off of a live map system, Waze can reroute its users automatically when road conditions change.

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