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What are the Most Modern Surveillance Techniques for Private Investigators?

The field of private investigation has grown immensely in recent years as career credibility and availability has increased. For all Private Investigators, staying abreast of new techniques and skills is key to success in the industry. If you’re a Private Investigator looking to further your career or grow your effectiveness, you should invest in professional development to help you stay ahead of the game. Here, we’ll discuss four of the most modern surveillance techniques for Private Investigators and what you can do to acquire them.

Social Media Research and Investigation

It should come as no surprise that individuals with social media research and investigation skills are in demand in the field of private investigation. More than 3.5 billion people across the globe own social media accounts and are active on those accounts for approximately 3 hours every day. People use their social media accounts to publicize personal activity and information.

Being able to source personal information from social media accounts is a top skill for Private Investigators because it can give them unique insight into a person’s life. Knowing how to conduct research on social media, however, is a much different skill than simply being a social media user and it’s imperative to seek appropriate training.

Location Surveillance and Familiarization

For as long as Private Investigators have existed, surveillance has been a primary skill. As time has progressed, the tools available to Private Investigators have evolved. Today, there’s more technology than ever that can be used to conduct location surveillance. Some modern surveillance equipment includes:

  • CCTV Cameras
  • Facial recognition technology
  • Smartphones
  • … and more

It’s essential for Private Investigators to know what types of equipment are permitted for surveillance and what’s unlawful to use.

Undercover Surveillance

To get the job done, sometimes a Private Investigator must go incognito. Even Private Investigators who are extremely skilled at surveillance can raise suspicion after a while. There are a variety of tools Private Investigators can use to perform undercover surveillance including:

  • Disguises
  • Discreet vehicles
  • Listening devices
  • Security cameras
  • … and more

If you’re performing undercover surveillance, it’s important to know that it’s unlawful to record a person in their own home without their permission. Likewise, it’s unlawful to record telephone conversations without written consent.

Professional Photography

One piece of equipment that has really advanced over the years is the camera. Today, DSLR cameras are one of the most popular pieces of modern surveillance equipment for Private Investigators. Private Investigators who want to invest in their photography skills for surveillance purposes can take courses in person or online. Knowing how to use a camera specifically for private investigation, however, is a much different skill than general photography. Therefore, Private Investigators should invest in a class specifically designed to meet their unique needs.

Learn New Techniques With Online Private Investigation Courses

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