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Why Do Lawyers Hire Private Investigators?

There are a variety of jobs available for licensed Private Investigators. One of the most common and rewarding opportunities is with attorneys at a law firm. Private Investigators are hired by law firms to use their experience and expertise to provide them with valuable information. The size of the law firm often determines whether or not an attorney will hire a Private Investigator by contract or as part-time or full-time staff. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in private investigation, these are some of the responsibilities you might get assigned if you’re hired by an attorney. 

Finding Credible Witnesses

Whether a lawyer is preparing a defense case or is attempting to win a settlement in a personal injury lawsuit, a credible witness can provide the information they need to win over the jury. In many cases, witnesses are difficult to find if their names and other identifying information were not recorded in an official report. Private Investigators use online research, interviews, and other techniques to find witnesses more effectively than other resources.

Providing Evidence of Illegal Activity

Prosecutors depend on incriminating evidence to win cases, and defense lawyers need evidence that supports their clients’ innocence. Unfortunately, it takes an extensive amount of time and concentration to put together evidence. That’s why attorneys hire Private Investigators to do the fact-finding for them. Some examples of evidence that Private Investigators uncover include covering up assets and conducting criminal online activity.

Assisting With the Development of a Defense Strategy

A viable defense strategy is the best way for a criminal defense attorney to win a case. In particularly difficult cases, attorneys call upon Private Investigators to examine and cross-examine their defense with the case evidence. Private Investigators provide a unique, trained point of view to uncover holes in the strategy that could cause lawyers to lose their case.

Monitoring White-Collar Crimes

White-collar crimes are some of the most difficult cases due to the nature of the crimes. People who commit white-collar crimes are often highly-educated and know how to effectively cover up their illegal activity. Lawyers hire Private Investigators to use their surveillance and investigation skills to bring evidence of white-collar crimes to light. 

Assisting With Estate Cases

When a person dies, they will often leave their estate to an heir. Unfortunately, that heir is not always easy to find. Estate attorneys hire Private Investigators to research and find friends and family members of the estate so they can close the case. Working with attorneys on estate cases is exciting for Private Investigators because they get to use a variety of their skills and expertise.

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